Augmented Reality as a Service

Be among the first to harness the power of AR to engage with your customers.

Get Started

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Find a Marker

    Search for a marker with the Clevyr Stories logo in the bottom right corner.

  2. Download Clevyr Stories

    Navigate to the app store on your device and search for Clevyr Stories.

  3. Scan the Marker

    Scan the marker with the Clevyr Stories app and watch the magic happen.

Client Appreciation

Problem: Salespeople struggle to ensure their customers are paying attention.

Solution: Interrupt the normal salesperson-prospect pattern with an AR pitch!

Client Relationships

Problem: Patients ignore post-surgery instructions from their Surgeon.

Solution: Create cards with specialized post-surgery exercises and tips.

Get their Attention

Problem: Wealth management customers don’t know how much the business appreciates them.

Solution: Send custom AR thank you cards with an embedded link to the stock market!

Pick your Plan

  1. Our App

    You send us your content to have uploaded on the Clevyr Stories app and can view your markers and videos through our app.

  2. White Label

    We setup an app using your company name, your branding, your markers, and your video files in order to have an exclusive experience.

  3. Existing App

    We help integrate our AR technology into your existing mobile application in order to create a completely seamless interaction.

Get Started

Let's take the first step together in transforming your AR dreams into reality.